Online Workshops with Marnie

Creative Writing for Kids and Youth: I work one on one with kids and youth who wish to write, ages 10-18. These are six week sessions, a topic per week with a related assignment. The written comments from me are enhanced by a weekly face-to-face using Facetime or Skype session. This is a great way to explore creative writing for kids who love writing & even for kids who are a bit afraid of writing. I work with homeschooled kids on a regular basis in this manner. Contact me through  this form if you are interested.

Online Coaching, Weekly Deadlines: I work with a limited number of writers 18 and up with this format, in which writers meet weekly deadlines for sessions of 8 consecutive weeks. Video chat available at session’s end. Prompts, suggested reading and weekly feedback on pages written will keep you moving on the fiction project or memoir you want to make scheduled time for. Contact me through this form if you are interested in upcoming sessions.